The Unkindest Cut is the eleventh episode of Season 3 in The Nanny. It aired on November 27th, 1995.  

Plot SummaryEdit

Brighton faints while filming Fran's cousin's bris, and Fran sends it to Hollywood. Everybody visits Hollywood and Fran keeps getting thrown off the Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman set.


Brighton has a video camera, and Sylvia hires him to film the bris of a cousin of Fran's. Brighton has no idea what a bris is, and at one point, Fran finds him filming the briskette. However, he passes out during the most important moment of the party.

Fran sends his video to America's Wackiest Home Videos, and they are picked to go on the show. The entire family goes to Hollywood, and tour around some filming lots. Fran gets lost while looking for a bathroom, and ends up on the Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman set. After being thrown out several times (and trying to get back in just as many times), they return to New York to discover that Mr. Sheffield's book is going to be published.


Sylvia: (to Brighton, who has the video camera on her) Sweetheart, I don't like to be filmed when I'm eating.
Fran: Which is why there's more footage of Bigfoot than her.

Fran: (Yells up the stairs) Brighton, come on! We're going to be late for the bris!

Fran: (to Brighton, who is looking at the food using the video camera) What are you doing?
Brighton: I'm shooting the bris.
Fran: That's briskette.

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