The gym teacher

The Gym Teacher is the eighteenth episode of Season 1 of The Nanny. It aired on April 6th, 1994.

Fran and Val come home from shopping and discover Maggie on the couch. She is complaining about her period. However, Fran rightly guesses that she is trying to avoid Gym class. When she goes to Maggie's school, she learns, to her dismay, that her old, tyrannical gym teacher from high school, a woman she knew as Ms. Wickavich (Rita Moreno) is now Maggie's gym teacher, called Mrs. Stone.

Mrs. Stone, a very nasty woman, thoroughly enjoys her job, as it gives her every opportunity to berate students. (e.g.: "You call that a back handspring layout?! SHAPE UP! I've seen better routines in Gymboree! You Mary Lou Rotten!!!") She gloats that she will make Maggie suffer, clearly showing that she enjoys making students miserable.

Fran then tries everything in her power to get Maggie out of gym. However, Mrs. Stone sets up five stations each worth twenty points as a part of her mid-term, which, if she didn't do well at, she would fail the course.

Maggie gives it a valiant try, but the nasty Mrs. Stone gleefully fails her anyway, chortling that "I just love my job!". However, after she chokes on her whistle and Fran saves her life by giving her the Heimlich maneuver , Mrs. Stone revises her grade and very grudgingly passes Maggie.

In the "b" storyline, Maggie's father, Maxwell, has to deal with a piece of his own past. In the form of one Alan Beck (Joseph Bologna), an actor whom Maxwell feared from an encounter some 20 years ago, when he first began work in theater. The egotistical Beck comes up with some outlandish and even downright ridiculous demands to the play. However, Maxwell makes it clear that HE is the boss, and if Beck doesn't toe the line the way he wants him to, then he would be replaced easily. Needless to say, Beck toed the line soon after, but he takes Maxwell's sculpture anyway!