The family plumbing

The Family Plumbing is the fourteenth episode of Season 1 of The Nanny. It originally aired over CBS on February 9th, 1994.

When the water goes out in the house, Maxwell reluctantly agrees to let Fran hire her cousin as a plumber. Edit
Meanwhile, Maggie wants to go to a party, but when her father learns there will be boys there he forbids it.Edit


The water isnt running in the mansion so Fran Fine calls her cousin the plumber to come and fix up the pipes. When her cousin gets there he brings along his preteen granddaughter who she later ends up catching kissing in the shower with Brighton Sheffield.

Maggie is upset when she hears her father is happy that Brighton got to first base but won't let her go to a make-out party even though she's older then Brighton by 3 years (She is 14).

Meanwhile Maxwell and CC are auditioning show girls and are drooling over every one.