The bank robbery

The Bank Robbery is the sixteenth episode of Season 4 of The Nanny. It aired on February 12th, 1997.

It's Valentine's Day, and Maxwell decides to diffuse the whole "love" situation with Fran by giving her a gag greeting card. Big mistake! Later, Fran and Sylvia are at the bank when it gets held up. News of the hold-up quickly gets back to the Sheffield household. What the hostages at the bank quickly discover is that the bank robber, Leslie Tibbert, is a meek man and an inept bank robber. Leslie is actually a kind man who is facing some personal stresses, which Fran can relate to. Fran becomes Leslie's negociator with the authorities, and Leslie becomes Fran's negociator with Maxwell and his faux pas with the greeting card. If nothing else, the bank robbery has showed Maxwell how he really feels about Fran and he lets her and the world know. Leslie's fate is not as good as he takes Sylvia as his final hostage.Edit