Sylvia-Fran Relationship
Sylvia winking at her daughter, Fran

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Mother and Daughter

Sylvia-Fran Relationship is one of the relationships in the tv sitcom The Nanny.

About Edit

Sylvia is Fran Fine's mother, and was always after her daughter to get married, when Fran wasn't pressuring herself to get married. She, along with her mother, Yetta Rosenberg, couldn't believe how fortunate Fran was to find a job as a nanny for a rich Broadway producer, so soon after being fired from her job at a bridal shop. Sylvia was married to Fran's father, Morty (eventually played in the last episodes by singer Steve Lawrence) for many years, and theirs was a typical marriage. Besides Fran, she had an older daughter, Nadine Fine, who married Barry Cooperman, an air-conditioner repair man.

Although Fran wasn't married to Maxwell Sheffield, yet, she bonded well with his three children. In fact, she met
all of them in one fell swoop when they were stranded in Fran's old neighborhood, during a blizzard. Before that, she had only met Grace Sheffield (Gracie) when Gracie ran away to Flushing to find Fran on her day off.

She made it a point to go over to the Sheffield house quite frequently, and she would usually partake of the stocked refrigerator. She was known for her constant and voracious eating. Though Sylvia ate a lot of the time, she was also involved in a canasta league, which allowed for her to bond somewhat, with Brighton Sheffield, during the short time that he was on the team.

When Fran finally married Maxwell, she was overjoyed. So much so, that she shot a glare at anyone who dared to speak against it. Basically everyone held their peace, most especially C. C. Babcock and Maxwell's sister, Jocelyn.

Besides becoming the step-grandmother to Max's children, she became a grandmother to Fran's children with Max, Jonah and Eve.