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Smoke Gets in Your Lies

Fran and brighton

Episode Information
Season 1
Episode 2
Air Date November 10, 1993
Written by Michael Rowe
Directed by Lee Shallat Chemel
Production Code 103
Guest Starring
  • Jonathan Baker as Director
  • Carol Channing as Herself
  • Esther Lapidus as Auditioner
  • Michael C. McCarthy as David
  • Blanche Rubin as Old Lady
  • Timothy Thompson as Pianist
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Smoke Gets in Your Lies is the second episode of the first season, which originally aired over CBS on November 10, 1993.


Fran wants Maxwell to be more involved in his children's lives. The latest request Fran puts in front of Maxwell is for him and the entire family to attend a carnival at Brighton's school. Maxwell declines because of work commitments. However, Fran is relieved that Maxwell will not be going when Brighton is caught smoking at school. What's worse for Fran is that Brighton got the idea to smoke from a story she told him? Brighton originally decides to blackmail Fran into not telling Maxwell, but ultimately Fran feels she needs to tell Maxwell. First however, Maxwell is too busy to listen to anything Fran has to tell him about his children.

However, when Maxwell decides to go to the carnival where he would be speaking to Brighton's principal, Fran has no choice but to tell him about Brighton being caught smoking. Brighton, however, does not tell on Fran. Later, Fran does tell Maxwell that she inadvertently gave Brighton the idea. Maxwell is initially angry with Fran, but he also realizes that Brighton did not tell on Fran, meaning that he has bonded with his new nanny, a first for him. Although, they still need to show Brighton the hazards of smoking. Fran decides to pull out the big guns: a meeting between Brighton and Fran's chain smoking grandma, Yetta.