Gallery Trivia


  • The set used for the house is from the cancelled NBC show The Powers That Be.
  • Val originally had dialogue in the bridal scene in the beginning, but they were cut out for the final product.
  • In the original script, Danny didn't dump Fran for Heather Biblow, but for Val; C.C. was a divorcee; the family name was Shurfeld instead of Sheffield; there was a chauffeur named Edmond, and Mr. Sheffield had only two children, Brighton and Grace. Maggie was added later.
  • In the pilot we see that the staircase and the front door are located on the left side of the house. We can also see two offices. After the pilot was picked up by CBS, they remodeled the house, changing the stairs and the door to the right. The two offices were only one. We see two because the office was also changed and the first scene was re-shot. Later, CBS kept the new one.
  • The show's pilot cost only US$25,000.
  • An original low-budget opening was used instead of the usual one used for the rest of the series. This opening featured Fran Fine against a white background getting ready for her daily duties as a nanny in front of a makeup mirror. The song was also different instead of "The Nanny Named Fran" performed by Ann Hampton Calloway, the original opening used "If My Friends Could See Me Now" by Gwen Verdon.
  • The bridal shop scene in the original pilot was also different, but after CBS picked up the series, the bridal shop scene was reshot because they thought that the original scene didn't quite explain the breakup between Fran and Danny.
  • A scene in the original pilot featuring Max Sheffield, Niles the Butler and C.C. Babcock was also shot and took place before Fran arrives at the Sheffield residence, but was excluded from the final product.


  • Fran was fired by Danny and he gave her job to Heather Biblow. However, in the animated opening sequence, we see Danny placing a "help wanted" sign in the window.
  • In this episode, Brighton Sheffield was ten years old, but after the show was picked up by CBS his age was changed to 12. If a person were to watch the show regularly, that person would probably there were several inconsistencies in the children's ages throughout the run of the show.

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