Maggie Sheffield in the living room of the mansion

Margaret Elizabeth "Maggie" Sheffield (October 16, 1979) was a character in the long-running sitcom, The Nanny. She was played by actress Nicholle Tom. In Fran Drescher's first book, Enter Whining, Fran explained that Maggie was added later, at the suggestion of a network exec, and wasn't part of the original family, but was said that a shy teenager would be a funny contrast to a brazen and flashy Fran, hence the addition of Maggie.

The oldest daughterEdit

Maggie is the emotional teenager. She, in the beginning of the series, is shy and ordinary. In the first episode, after Fran made Maggie beautiful, Maxwell noticed she looked just like her late mother (his late wife) Sara. Then, after Maxwell's party, he finds Maggie having her first kiss with a waiter (named Eddie). This kicks off the series. Throughout the series, after the first kiss, Maggie starts dating and kissing a lot. She also becomes a gossiper and loves to hear about whatever Niles finds out. She, also being close to Fran's size in clothes and shoes, switches and shares with Fran. Towards the end of the series, Maggie starts dating a man named Michael, a male underwear model, and things started looking serious. In one episode Fran, Sylvia, and Yetta all walk in on Maggie in Fran's old bed with Michael!!!!! When Maxwell walked in and learned of what happened, he kicked Michael out of the house, and yelled at Maggie like crazy and became very disappointed with her. The next day, Maggie tells Fran she has been sexual active for awhile with Michael, and that her period is over a week late. They try to sneak a pregnancy test into the house. When Maxwell finds out, he tells them to go to a gynecologist to get a positive test. Dr. Reynolds tells them Maggie is not pregnant. Maggie ends up getting married to Michael. She then goes to Paris for college to be with Michael while he's modeling. They have no children.


  • Maggie and Michael have a Jewish wedding.
  • Maggie dyed her hair reddish orange briefly, because Niles talked/tricked her into going back to blonde.
  • Maggie had at least 6 boyfriends before having Michael.

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