Maggie-Michael Relationship
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Maggie-Michael Relationship is one of the relationships in the tv sitcom The Nanny.


Maggie starts dating a man named Michael, a male underwear model, and things started looking serious.

In one episode Fran, Sylvia, and Yetta all walk in on Maggie in Fran's old bedroom with Michael. When Maxwell walked in and learned of what happened, he kicked Michael out of the house, and yelled at Maggie like crazy and became very disappointed with her. The next day, Maggie tells Fran she has been sexually active for a while, and is worried that she might be pregnant.
They try to sneak a pregnancy test into the house. When Maxwell finds out, he tells them to go to a gynecologist to get another pregnancy test. Dr. Reynolds tells them Maggie is not pregnant.

Maggie eventually gets married to Michael.

She then goes to Paris to be with Michael while he's modeling.

They have no children in the show.               


  • Maggie and Michael have a joint Christian-Jewish wedding.