Maggie's wedding

Maggie's Wedding is the nineteenth episode of Season 6 of The Nanny. It aired on May 5th, 1999.When Michael gets a modeling job in Tokyo, he proposes to Maggie so they won’t have to be apart in his absence. At first, Maxwell is having a hard time that his little girl has grown up, but eventually comes to terms that Maggie is now an adult and is going to get married. When the wedding day arrives, Fran has to be taken to the hospital after having contractions when she learns she has a chance to meet Barbara Streisand at the wedding. While at the hospital however, Fran decides to sneak out to meet her idol when she learns Barbara is at the Sheffield house. However, when she gets home, Fran finds the place empty and soon gets a call from Maxwell and Barbara at the hospital as a surprise before they go to the wedding.

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