Here comes the brood

Here Comes the Brood is the fifth episode of Season 1 of The Nanny. It aired on December 6th, 1993.


C.C.'s attempts to get closer to Maxwell's children results in Gracie running away to Fran after C.C. coldly tells her the only reason why Fran loves her is for Money, which is proven not to be true to the eyes of Fran.


It is Fran's day off, and she suggests that C.C. take the children to the zoo. Maxwell was also slated to go, but he has a toothache. Fran suggests he goes to see her Uncle Myron, who is a dentist, which he reluctantly does. The zoo trip does not go well, as C.C. hates hearing about Fran and her attributes from the children. During the day, Brighton throws up twice. Once in C.C.'s A&F pith helmet, and then in her purse! She then tells the children that Fran loves them only because she is paid to do so! This upsets Gracie so much that she runs from the room with Maggie trying to calm her down.

Later on, Gracie takes a limo to Flushing to see Fran, and while there, she meets Fran's mother, Sylvia, who plies her with food, to Fran's dismay, and attends her first Jewish wedding, that of Fran's cousin once removed, who married a man named Mishkin.

While at the wedding, Fran finds out that it was C.C. who hurt Gracie's feelings. C.C. feebly defends her actions by saying that she meant it "in the nicest possible way". Not buying the excuse, Fran and Maxwell berate her for what she had said.

Meanwhile, Gracie bolts to the ladies room and cries in the stalls. Sylvia tells Fran that she is in the ladies room crying. (At first, Maxwell goes in, but that elicits a scream and then the woman who screamed comes out and hits him with her purse, calling him a "creep"!)

Fran goes in and takes Gracie on her lap (which causes her to quip, "Oy! One day with my mother and you're ready for Jenny Craig!") and explains to her that yes, she does get paid for taking care of her (as she WAS paid to be their nanny), but she also tells her that she doesn't get paid extra for loving her and she does.

She also explains that because she has money issues (a lousy Christmas Club account with only forty-nine cents in it), she has to work for a living, but she has the best job in the whole world. Fran also reassures Gracie that "once they take out federal tax, state tax, and FICA tax, it's a labor of love." After checking their faces, they leave the ladies room.

Maxwell thanks Fran for saving the day, and she sends him to dance with Gracie. Fran then confronts C.C. telling her that "if you ever hurt one of my kids again, they'll be wiping your blue blood off the walls! And I mean that in the nicest possible way!" As punishment for her upsetting Gracie, C.C. is forced to listen to Uncle Myron's grandson, Robbie's bad tap dancing and bad singing!

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