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Fran-Niles Relationship is one of the relationships in the tv sitcom The Nanny!

About Edit

Niles is portrayed as strategical, loyal, kind and protective of the Sheffield household (especially loyal to Fran, except for a period in 'From Flushing with Love' when he teams up with C.C.)

When Maxwell hired Fran Fine as the new nanny for the children, and Niles bonded with her right away. To Niles, Fran was a breath of fresh air that brought back some life in the house, which had been lacking since Sara died. He encouraged the romantic tension between Fran and Maxwell, and helped undermine C.C.'s constant attempts to sabotage it. Fran and Niles both d
elighted in holding what became known as "The Thing", (Maxwell telling Fran that he loved her and taking it back) over Maxwell's head for almost a whole season.

He gained a friendship with Sylvia Fine, Fran's mother, and always made sure something for her to eat was available. He is always dropping hints about Fran and Maxwell getting together from the very beginning of the series. When Fran finds out she is pregnant, Niles refers to the it as "their baby" because he loves Fran and Maxwell's relationship.

Overall, throughout the series, Fran's and Niles relationship has depicted them as best friends.