Fran-danny relationship

The Fran-Danny Relationship is the first of many relationships to be established in The Nanny.


Danny breaks up with Fran in the Pilot, and subsequently takes up with Heather Biblow.

In Frannie's Choice, Danny breaks up with Heather, and ultimately proposes to Fran. Fran, at first, refuses, but then tells Danny that she will consider it. After Fran sees how happy her mother is about the whole thing (see Sylvia-Fran Relationship), Fran agrees to marry Danny. However, after realizing how much she will miss the children, and after seeing Maxwell's reaction to all of these events (see Maxwell-Fran Relationship) she calls it off with Danny and breaks his heart.

In Danny's Dead and Who's Got the Will?, Danny dies as a result of an allergic reaction to back wax.

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