Danny Imperiali is the former boyfriend of Fran Fine and was played by Jonathan Penner.


In the pilot episode, Fran states that she has waited a long time for Danny to propose to her. After bringing it up, it's reveals that he thinks the two should see other people, and fires Fran in the process. He then gives her job to Heather Biblow, and decides to date her.

Later in the series, Danny breaks up with Heather and begins to question his decision to break up with Fran. Fran then goes down to the Bridal Shop where Danny works, and is proposed to by Danny. While at first totally against the idea, Fran later decides that "she'll think about it." After giving it some thought, Fran finally accepts the proposal. However, after Brighton complains, Fran realizes that she's outgrown Danny, and Maxwell calls Danny a neanderthal. Fran then decides to stay with the Sheffields.

Danny goes on to marry Heather Biblow, and have a baby with her.

In, Danny's Dead and who's got the Will?, as the title suggests, Danny suddenly dies of an allergic reaction to back wax, and Fran attends the funeral to comfort Heather.